Cardinal Parecattil Memmorial Renewal Centre


 Archdiocesan Anti Alchoholic Movement
This department is working in co – operation with KCBC Madhyavirudha Samithi. They give awareness about the evils of all kind of alcoholism and they also work for de – addiction.
Director     : Rev. Fr. George Nereveettil
President  : Adv. Charly Paul.


Archdiocesan Education Council & Corporate Management
The Catholic educational Council is constituted with an intention to achieve creative as well as Christian progress in the educational activities in the Arch Diocese in tune to the general principles and policies. The purpose of the Council is to present Christian and humanistic education through the Co – operation among various educational agencies functioning within the jurisdiction of the Arch Diocese, in policy making and mode of operation.
Corporate Manager : Rev Fr. Abraham Oliapurath
Asst. Director :Fr. Varghese Alukkal
Contact details
Phone No : 0484 - 2346963
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Website    :


Bible Apostolate
This is to promote Bible study. They conduct Bible Kalolsavam every alternative years.
Director : Rev. Fr. Joseph Parecattil


Catechesis & Moral Education
This department co – ordinate faith formation programmers in different parishes and also co – ordinate moral education in different schools in Archdiocese.
Director : Rev . Fr. Jimmy Poochakkatt
Asst. Director : Rev. Fr. James Thottiyil
Contact details
Phone No : 0484 - 2346628, 0484 – 2341865
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Evangelisation & Prayer Groups
To practice the missionary task assigned to all the baptized through the command of Jesus Christ ( St. Mk.16:15 ) the priests, nuns and the laity of Ernakulam Aangamaly Archdiocese joined their hands and the department of Evangelization and was promulgated in 2000, the great Jubilee Year.
Director : Fr.Joseph Parecattil
Asst. Director : Fr. Jose Puthussery
Contact details
Phone No : 0484 -2346289
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Naipunnya Academy
IAS regular class, IAS Sunday batch, IAS Foundation batch for +1, +2 students, IAS Orientation batch or degree, PG & professional students, UGC Net class, Foreign languages, German, Spanish , French, Italian, Bank coching ( Bank P.O., Clerk, Regular & Sunday batches. Director: Rev. Fr. Jose Thottakkara.
Director: Rev. Fr. Varghese Ponthempally
Asst. Director : Rev. Fr. Jimmy Kakkattuchira.& Rev. Fr. Joshy Chirackal
Contact details
Phone No : 0484 -253 4849
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Family Apostolate and Counselling
This department works for the growth and enrichment of Catholic families. They conduct programmes for the empowering of good relationship and also conduct Marriage Preparation Course for future couples.
Director : Rev. Fr. Augustine Kallely
Asst. Director : Fr. John Cheerakathil
Contact details
Phone No : 0484 -2346437, 2533077
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Samanvuaya (Counselling Services )
This department conducts councilling courses and do all kinds of counselling.
Director : Rev. Fr. Jose Thelakkatt
Contact details;
Phone No : 0484 - 2343245, 9446717433
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Website    : www.ern


Family Units and Parish Renewal
This department co – ordinate the family units in different parishes conduct training programme for unit leaders
Director : Rev. Fr. Jose Pollayil
Contact details
Phone No : 0484 - 2338151


Media & Communications ( Pilgrims’ Communications )
They give trainings for the students in Theatre workshop and conduct stage programme.
Director : Rev. Fr. Thomas Nangelimaly
Contact details
Phone No         : 0484 - 2342340
Asst. Director : Rev. Fr. Dacy Kunnath MST


Department of Dialogue and Ecumenism  
Director : Rev. Dr. Zacharias Paranilam.
Contact No : 9495395202


Aksharasree Madhyama Bhavan  
Director Rev. Fr. George Nellissery
Contact no : 9387074538
Asst. Director : Rev. Fr. Denny Kattayil
Contact no : 9446360758



Associations working in Renewal Centre

Cherupushpa Mission League ( C.M.L. )
Director : Rev. Fr. Tom Mullenchira
Address : St. Mary’s Church,
Ayyampuzha, 683581.
Phone No: 0484 - 2696628
Christian Life Community ( C.L.C.)
Director : Rev. Fr. Jacob Kozhuvally
Address : St. Joseph’s Church, Vazhakala, Kakkanad,682021
Phone No: 0484 - 2422020
Asst. Director : Fr. Thomas Chillickal
Address : St. Jude’s Church, Chittanad, Kumarapuram p.o. 683565.
Phone No: 0484 – 2683806
Vincent de Paul Society
Spiritual Advisor : Rev. Fr. Antony Puthiyaparambil
Address : Renewal Centre, Azad Road,
Kaloor, Kochi,
Kerala 682017
Phone No: 0484 - 2347686


All Kerala Catholic Congress ( AKCC )
Director : Rev. Fr. Sebastian Urakkadan
Address : Major Archbishop’s House,
Ernakulam, Kochi -682031
Phone No: 9895711826
Dalit Catholic Mahajana Sabha ( DCMS )
Director : Rev. Fr. Antony Puthiyaparambil
Address : Renewal Centre, Azad Road
Kaloor, Kochi - 682017
Phone No: 0484 - 2346289
Kerala Catholic Student’s Legue ( KCSL )
Director : Rev. Fr. Paul Ambookan
Address :St. Joseph's Church,
Phone No: 9946101818
Kerala Catholic Youth Movement ( KCYM )
Director : Rev. Fr. Shinu Uthuppan
Address : St. Martin’s Shrine,
Angamaly South - 683573
Phone No: 0484 - 2453048
Women Welfare Services, Ernakulam ( WWS )
Director : Rev. Fr. Varghese Pottackal
Address : Major Archbishop’s House,
Ernakulam, Kolchi – 682031,
Phone No: 0484- 2380660.
President : Sr. Jancy CMC,
Phone No: 0484 - 2424948
Catholic Teachers’ Guild
Director : Rev. Fr. Abraham Oliappuram
Address : Renewal Centre, Azad Road,
Kaloor, Kochi- 682017
Phone No: 0484 - 2343940
Holy Childhood
Director : Rev. Fr. Antony Paravara
Phone No: 9495079829
CRD ( Central for Research & Documentation)
Director : Rev. Fr. Abraham Oliappuram


Cardinal Parecatil Memmorial Renewal Centre
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Ernakulam, Kochi 682017., Inda

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